Unisex Names: Blake

A dominant boy name for the last couple of decades, now undergoing a shift to a more unisex name. It’s Blake. MEANING Blake, as a first name, is transferred from the surname, derived from Old English in most cases. In this respect, it may be derived from either blæc meaning “black” (pronounced pretty much like the word “black”³) or […]

List Lists: Big risers in Japan (boys)

Today, I am introducing to you a new segment on this blog where I list out names that fit into a certain category. On this blog post, we look at boy names that have made it big in Japan in recent decades – in other words, the boy names that would more likely belong to […]

Unisex Names: Kaino

A unisex name with a quiet personality. From Finland, it’s Kaino. MEANING AND PRONUNCIATION OF THIS NAME This name is taken from an adjective meaning “timid,”a “modest,”b or “coy.”b It is pronounced KIE-no (‘IE’ like eye and ‘o’ like chore but shorter). HOW POPULAR AND UNISEX IS KAINO? According to data from the Population Register Centre (which […]

Name Spotlight: Minato (boy)

A gateway to the land from the sea, Minato rose up from being a rare name to a hot favourite in the 21st century. MEANING, ORIGIN AND PRONUNCIATION The name is mainly written as 湊 meaning “harbour,” but 湊 can be combined with kanji that are read as ‘to,’ such as 人 “person” or 斗, referring to the Chinese […]