Name Spotlight: Flaminia

An Italian name that is linked to an aspect of ancient religion and, then, an ancient road. ORIGIN, MEANING AND PRONUNCIATION According to an entry on Behind the Name, which had gone through several revisions, this name is derived from Latin flāmen, a term referring to a priest serving of fifteen Roman gods¹ (the most honoured […]

Popularity of names in Paris, 2016

Louise and Gabriel are the top choices for Parisians last year according to Open Data Paris. They have been the top names since 2007 (which includes 2015 where Gabriel was tied with Adam). Here’s how the top 10 is shaping up: GIRLS Rank Name Number Rank change 1 Louise 291 0 2 Emma 209 +2 […]

Popularity of names in Austria, 2015

We’ve waited for far too long, but now we’ve gotten word that, when combined with variants, Lukas and Anna keep their titles as the top Austrian names of 2015 (Lukas for the 20th consecutive year and Anna for the 19th consecutive year). Here’s what the combined top 10 for 2015 looks like: BOYS Rank Name Number %age Rank […]

Unisex Names: Christmas

A planned break from scheduling tradition on this series, we’re talking about Christmas as the unisex name of the month. Yes…Christmas… MEANING The word is derived from the Late Old English noun Cristesmæsse, made up of Crist meaning “Christ” and mæsse meaning “mass.” In other words, it is made up of Christ and -mas.¹ HOW POPULAR AND […]

Popularity of names in Iceland, 2015

The baby name charts in Iceland fluctuate, especially on the girls’ side, owing to its small population. The fact still stands, Aron and Emilía (paired with Emelía) are the top names there in 2015. Here’s what the top 10 looks like: BOYS Rank Name Number Percentage Rank change 1 Aron 44 2.08% 0 2 Alexander […]