Popularity of names in Japan, 2014

Japan 2014

There isn’t an official popularity ranking list for Japan as of writing this post, so I’m relying on two surveys carried out by Benesse Corporation and Meiji Yasuda Life. As the Benesse survey got the names from 24,254 children as opposed to 6,754 children for the Meiji Yasuda Life survey, I will choose the former.

Top 10 for boys

Ranking Kanji Reading Percentage
1 悠真 Yūma, Haruma 0.663%
2= Ren 0.598%
2= 悠人 Yūto, Haruto ==
4 大翔 Hiroto, Haruto 0.582%
5 颯真 Sōma 0.542%
6= 陽太 Hinata, Yōta 0.469%
6= 陽翔 Haruto ==
8 Minato 0.461%
9 駿 Shun 0.445%
10 陽斗 Haruto 0.428%

Top 10 for girls

Ranking Kanji/KANA Reading Percentage
1 陽菜 Hina 0.833%
2 結愛 Yua 0.724%
3 結菜 Yuna 0.715%
4 Aoi 0.623%
5 さくら Sakura 0.606%
6 結衣 Yui 0.597%
7 Rin 0.589%
8 愛莉 Airi 0.480%
9 芽依 Mei 0.463%
10 陽葵 Himari 0.438%

Names that entered the top 10: 悠人, 陽太 & 駿 (boys), さくら, 芽依 & 陽葵 (girls)

さくら didn’t move much into the top 10 as it was in 12th place in 2013 but 駿 moved up from 56th place in 2013 to 9th.

From the top 100, the names that saw the biggest increases are 蒼馬 (Sōma) for boys and 莉心 (Riko) for girls. 蒼馬 shot up from 1,176th place in 2013 to 41st in 2014 (1,135 places up!) while 莉心 moved up from 484th place to 91st (393 places up).

The reason for 駿’s rise to the top 10 and 蒼馬’s huge rise to the top 100 is, according to Benesse, attributed to the fact that 2014 was the year of the horse which meant that names containing either 駿 (meaning “a good horse, speed, a fast person”) or 馬 (meaning “horse”) rose to the top 100. This reflects the parents’ wish for their babies to be like strong, galloping horses and always move towards their goal.

If I get things wrong on this post, please don’t hesitate to correct me in the comments section. Thank you 🙂

Benesse (http://tamahiyo.jp/namae/2014/)
Year of the Horse (http://www.yourchineseastrology.com/zodiac/horse.htm)


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