Could Carli, Alex, Meghan and others rise in popularity in the US in 2015 and 2016?

Women's World Cup

After the United States beat Japan 5-2 in the Women’s World Cup in Canada, that got me thinking. Could names like Carli, Alex and Meghan rise in popularity in 2015 and 2016?

It could be, but let’s take a look at some of the names from the US team in the 1999 Women’s World Cup in their homeland when they won against China.

1998 2,566 668 583 365 1,202 4,153 1,139 1,805
1999 2,736 678 596 284 1,023 3,837 1,400 1,757
2000 3,449 706 607 312 744 3,754 1,396 1,677

Let’s focus on percent change in 2000 compared to 1999. Mia (from Mia Hamm) saw the biggest rise when it rose by 26.1%. That is followed by Kristine (from Kristine Lilly) with 9.9%, Carla (from Carla Overbeck) with 4.1% and Joy (from Joy Fawcett) with 1.8%.

Names such as Briana (Scurry), Brandi (Chastain) and Julie (Foudy) are already past their peak and falling in popularity, especially with regards to Julie as it is falling in popularity from its 2nd peak in 1969 when 17,738 baby girls were born with this name.

Unlike the 2015 Women’s World Cup, United States won 0-0 on penalties (5-4) against China. With multiple records being broken and firsts being made by the US in this year’s World Cup, the outcome may become different and positive for the names from the players. Hopefully, Julie will spring back up again, too.

Fingers crossed 🙂

UPDATE: The names that have gone up by more than 10% are Alex, Carli, Christie, Meghan and Tobin, so I was right to say in Nancy’s Pop Culture Baby Name Game that some of the names that I’ve put in my comment there would rise as a result.

UPDATE 2: This update is long overdue, but seeing some of the comments on the blog post that I linked made me realise that I might end up being wrong with my prediction…and I forgot to say that my hopes for Julie springing back up had dashed. 😦


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