Name Spotlight: Eita


This name is hugely different from the two names I’ve put a spotlight on. It’s a masculine name and it’s a Japanese masculine name, waiting to break Lolita and Richmal apart and get its own 15 minutes of fame, at least hypothetically.

With regards to what Eita means, it can have multiple meanings. So, I’ve created an entry on Behind the Name which you can find on the ‘Sources’ section at the end of the post. As I have mentioned that it can have multiple meanings, not every combination is on this entry or on (where I’ve got a couple of combinations from).

As usual, we move on to the data section of the post, beginning with a total number of Eitas with one of these kanji combinations below that appeared in telephone records.

栄太 英太 瑛太 永太 詠太 鋭太 衛太 栄多
Number 319 136 0 30 1 7 2 11
英多 瑛多 永多 詠多 鋭多 衛多 えいた Total
Number 5 0 1 0 2 0 0 514

As you can see, it is a rare name overall and looking at passenger lists made available from Family Search, I only found 9 Eitas, the earliest from the list born in 1870.
So, the mononymous actor (full name Eita Nagayama) helped the name become usable, right? Not exactly and the second graph below shows you why.


The second graph shows that Eita (瑛太) was usable before he first appeared. Towards the end of the first and second graphs (in 2003), Eita, as a whole, and Eita (瑛太) rose up to its highest point in the chart. Eita made appearances in films such as Aoi Haru (2002), playing the ghost, Azumi (2003), playing Hiei and 9 Sould (2003), playing Noboru Kaneko.

During that period, he made appearances in a number of TV dramas as well such as Remote Control (2002), Water Boys (2003) and You’re My Pet (2003). So, to me, these appearances he made in TV and Film helped the name to rise in 2003.

As the compiled data that I’ve used for these two graphs has the end year as 2003, I would now need to rely on Benesse since they publish baby name rankings (which they got from surveys that made) from 2005 onwards. So, let’s take a look at the chart below.


Yes, I forgot to put 瑛太 in the chart title. Oops. Anyway, looking at the chart, it seems that that particular Eita’s entrance into the top 100 in 2006 may most likely be due to the actor’s appearance in Summer Time Machine Blues (released in July 2005) where he plays the lead role (Takuma Komoto). I can’t really explain what exactly caused the peak into 9th place in 2009 so I might as well say it’s because he appeared on TV and on the big screen quite often and still is.

So, my conclusion is: Eita Nagayama didn’t make it usable, it already was, but he did make it, mostly 瑛太, popular.

So, what do you think of all this? Share your thoughts on the comments section below. And, yes, I did call him ‘cutesy boy’ all this time. He has, after all, a cute face…not like I’m attracted to him anyway.

Meaning of Eita: Behind the Name
Source used on table: Dousei Doumei (in Japanese)
Source used on graphs: Namae Jiten (in Japanese)
Source used on bar graph: Tamahiyo (Benesse) (in Japanese)

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