Name Spotlight: Ustym


This name brings up, to many Ukrainians’ minds, heroes. On the one hand, a 19th century revolutionary folk hero. On the other hand, a 21st century activist hero.

The meaning of this name is, according to two sources that I’ve got, a form of Justin.

From a source listing the number of babies with a certain name in the Lviv Oblast of Ukraine, looking at the chart below*:

Ustympop* since the source merged hyphenated and spaced names with names matching the first part of these types of names for 2013 onwards, the data from 2008-2012 were done in the same way

Before 2014, I would assume that most babies named Ustym were named after the 19th century folk hero on the left photo, Ustym Karmaliuk, often referred to as the “Ukrainian Robin Hood,” which refers to him bearing ‘no ill’ towards the poor of all ethnic groups, and “the last Haydamak.”

In 2014, the name jumped in popularity and was ranked 49th. The inspiration this time around was not from the folk hero, but from a social activist on the right photo who was shot whilst recovering his wounded friends.
In the months after his death, he was posthumously assigned the title of “Honourary Citizen of Berezhany” (Berezhany being located in Ternopil Oblast, where Ustym’s birthplace, Zbarazh, is located) and the city square was renamed in his honour.

Putting this into perspective, it makes sense that Ustym, as a name, jumped in popularity in 2014. In the first 4 months of 2015, 27 babies were named Ustym. If I divide 27 by 4 and multiply the result by 12, then it would mean there might be 81 babies named Ustym this year, however this is the answer that is being made now by doing simple calculations. The total number for this year may turn out to be higher or lower. We’ll just have to wait and see next year.

So, what are your thoughts on Ustym? Please share them in the comments section below and please post any corrections that I should make or any bits that need changing. I am trying to be neutral here since, after all, it is a blog site dedicated to names, but there might be, undoubtedly, bits that have some degree of bias.

Meaning of Ustym: Slovopedia (in Ukrainian) & Academic (in Russian)
Baby Name Popularity in Lviv Oblast: (in Ukrainian)


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