Name Spotlight: Baran


This name connotes the rain falling down the sky (and also a singer finding success through pop music).

In fact, this name is derived from the Persian word (written as باران) meaning ‘rain(storm), downpour, shower.’ If you hear of an Iranian or Afghan Baran, chances are that this Baran would be female. If you hear of a Turkish or Kurdish Baran however, chances are that this Baran would be male.
Though it is actually transcribed as Bârân, the Iranian and Afghan Barans I’ve seen online have their names transcribed without the carets.

Moving on to statistics:

  • Turkey (boy name)
    • It first entered the top 100 in 2000.
    • It’s most popular year was 2005 when it was ranked #16.
    • In 2014, it was ranked #36.
  • Iran (girl name)
    • It first entered the top 45 in the year 1389 (2010-1) in the Iranina calendar at #42 (3,353 girls).
    • It rose to #38 (3,742 girls) in 1390 (2011-2), then to #34 (4,206 girls) in 1391 (2012-3), meaning that it was rising gradually.
    • In 1392 (2013-4), Baran made a steeper rise to #19 (6,015 girls), thanks to the Iranian Kurdish pop singer Baran after the release of her hit single ‘Ziyadi.’
    • In the last Iranian calendar year – 1393 (2014-5) – it reached the top 10 at #8 (8,159 girls).

Though the weather did not play a huge part in Baran’s popularity, the name’s meaning and charm appeal might make up for its trendy appeal. If you have any thoughts on the name, the post, the statistics, anything relevant to this post, please comment below the ‘Sources’ section.


Meaning: (also in Farsi/Persian) and
Turkey’s top 100:
Iran’s top 50 (45 on my blog):


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