‘Loft Story’ names

Loft Story

Loft Story is a French reality show, broadcast by M6 from April to July of 2001 (1st season) and 2002 (2nd), which is a slightly toned down adaptation of Big Brother. It proved to be a ratings success but it also proved to be greatly controversial, resulting in protesters (one group being ‘Activists Against Trash TV’) trying to stop the filming of the reality show a couple of times.

One sector of the impact of Loft Story that, in my view, is relatively neutral is baby naming, in a sense that babies were given names of people who appeared in the show for better or for worse.

Here are the names that were on either the first or second season of the show.

1st season (2001)

Christophe (m)

Kimy (f)

Kenza (f)

Loana (f)

Akima* (f)

Manal** (f)

Jean-Édouard (m)

Philippe (m)

Aziz (m)

Laure (f)

Julie (f)

Delphine (f)

Fabrice (m)

Steevy (m)

David (m)

* Akima BenDacha’s name was shortened to Kimy in the show
** Kenza Braiga was born Manal

2nd season (2002)

Thomas (m)

Sandra (f)

Afida* (f)

Karine (f)

Romain (m)

William (m)

David (m)

Lauryne (f)

Steven** (m)

Angela (f)

Félicien (m)

Julia (f)

Kamel (m)

Lesly (f)

Marlène (f)

* Afida Turner was called Lesly in the show
** Steven Ledru was called William in the show

Out of the 30 names shown here:

Those which definitely showed a jump in their popularity when the show was broadcast are:

  • Loana
    • It jumped from 61 in 2000 to its peak of 160 in 2001
  • Kimy
    • It jumped from 4 in 2000 to 23 in 2001, though it peaked in 2006 with a birth count of 36
  • Steevy
    • It jumped from 14 in 2000 to its peak of 169 in 2001
  • Kamel
    • Though it peaked in 1981 with a birth count of 490, it jumped from 80 in 2001 to 109 in 2002
  • Romain
    • Though it was falling down in popularity since its peak in 1987 with a birth count of 9,610, Romain jumped from 3,943 in 2001 to 4,504 in 2002
  • Lauryne
    • It jumped from 196 in 2001 to its peak of 665 in 2002
  • Félicien
    • Its peak was way back in 1908 when 189 boys were given this name but it did jump from 53 in 2001 to 85 in 2002

Those that may have had a positive impact on their popularity or saw a small jump (of less than 15 counts) in popularity are:

  • Jean-Édouard
    • It peaked in 1986 with a birth count of 24 but it jumped from 5 in 2000 to 9 in 2001 and 10 in 2002 before falling down to 5 in 2003
  • Aziz
    • It peaked in 1982 with a birth count of 152 but it jumped from 30 in 2000 to 41 in 2001, then fell down by 1 count in 2002
  • Delphine
    • It was declining in popularity since its peak in 1977 (7,498 baby girls were born with this name) with the birth count dropping from 540 in 1998 to 403 in 1999 and 329 in 2000 but in 2001 it dropped by just 14 counts to 315 which means that the Lofteur with that name may have helped slow the decline for that year
  • Marlène
    • It peaked in 1985 with a birth count of 1,064 but it rose from 96 in 2001 to 103 in 2002, then fell down to 91 in 2003

So, about 23.3% of all the names on both lists saw a jump of more than 15 counts and another 13.3% either saw a small jump or at least slowed down their decline as a result of Loft Story. But a remainder (63.3%) saw their names falling down when the first or second season of Loft Story was shown (like Christophe, Philippe or Karine) or it was still given to less than 3 babies (like Akima and Afida).

One particular name that fell down is Kenza. At its peak in 2000, 1,242 baby girls were given this name but the birth count fell to 1,186 in 2001, when Kenza Braiga appeared on the first season. It was a modest drop compared to 2002 when the birth count fell more drastically to 623. Was that because of Braiga? Since I couldn’t find any other Kenza who was notable in 2002, the answer could be maybe. However, since I also couldn’t find any bad press about Braiga, the answer could have been changed to I/we don’t know.

What are your favourite names out of these lists? If you have any thoughts on this question or this post in general, please put them up on the comments section below.

Source of popularity: INSEE via Meilleurs Prenoms and Magic Maman


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