Popularity of names in Sweden, 2015

Sweden 2015

Note: The data shown here comes from the statistical agency’s ‘make your own tables’ section, not the fixed tables that they put up (the fixed table have names whose alternative spellings are combined).

William and Elsa were the top baby names in Sweden last year. William held his position as the number 1 boy name for the 6th year in a row while Elsa held her position as the number 1 girl namd for the 2nd year in a row.

Here the top 10 names for boys and girls last year:


Rank Name Number Rank change
1 William 961 0
2 Liam 750 0
3 Elias 712 0
4 Hugo 711 0
5 Charlie 658 +1
6 Oliver 626 -1
7 Axel 609 +2
8 Alexander 575 0
9 Vincent 571 -2
10 Leo 543 0


Rank Name Number Rank change
1 Elsa 864 0
2 Alice 828 0
3 Saga 656 +12
4 Ella 611 +3
5 Ebba 576 +1
6 Olivia 572 -2
7 Julia 567 -2
8 Agnes 549 -5
9 Alva 519 +5
10 Maja 498 -1

Saga was one of the big jumpers in 2015 and though it’s not clear to exactly why it jumped to 3rd place in 2015, one commenter at Behind the Name said the jump is “probably because of the very popular Swedish-Danish TV series The Bridge, whose main character is named Saga.”
To me, I’m not so sure about that because, first of all, the 3rd season was first broadcast in both Denmark and Sweden back on the 27th of September with the last episode shown on the 29th of November and I doubt that most expectant parents who watch The Bridge would suddenly change their minds on another favourite name for their baby girl and decided to name her Saga. Secondly, looking at the statistics for Saga from 2010-4:


2011 2012 2013 2014
484 431 483 501


When the first season was first broadcast on the 21st of September 2011 in Sweden, Saga fell down in that year, only to rise up in 2012. It rose up again, only more slightly, in 2013 (the second season was first broadcast on the 22nd of September of that year), but in 2014, the birth count remained unchanged.

Back to the usual stuff, names that entered the top 100 are:

  • Boys – Loui, Kian, Algot, Folke & Omar (replacing Linn, Lisa, Emelie, Nicole & Lina)
  • Girls – Hedvig, Bianca, Laura, Melina & Lo (replacing Elvin, Mio, Jacob, Dante & Svante)

I have put up a PDF of the top 100 names in Sweden if you want to look at the bigger picture of Sweden’s choices in baby names.

If you have any thoughts on the top 10 (or 100) names or the post in general, please comment below.

Source: Statistics Sweden

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