Unisex Names: Dominique


The second of the two unisex names of the month is this French adaptation of the Late Latin name. It’s Dominique.


According to Mike Campbell of Behind the Name¹, Dominique is the “French feminine and masculine form of Dominic.”

Gender status

Let’s start with France for this segment. Regarding the overall status, based on data from INSEE (provided by Doctissimo)², there are 241,761 men and 168,031 women born in France between 1901 and 2010, calculating a 59% male dominance for Dominique there. The line graph below shows the male/female dominance year-by-year:

Dominique male dom

The male dominance rate for Dominique stayed above 90% until 1928, bar a tiny blip below the mark 6 years earlier. Fast forward the 1940s and the male dominance rate has dropped first to below 70%, then 60% and then 50%. In the period between 1949 and 1954, it became more often used for girls than boys. As the popularity decreases from its mid 50s-early 60s peak and the name eventually becomes uncommon to rare for newborns, the male dominance rate fluctuates a lot more.

Other countries that I will looking at for this post include Belgium, the Netherlands and Switzerland.


According to Names.be³, 17,281 females and 12,829 males who have the name Dominique live in Belgium, 58.3% of female Dominiques and 60.2% of male Dominiques (10,077 and 7,727 to be exact) living in Wallonia, so it looks as if this is a bit of a flip-over from Dominique’s gender status in France. Bear in mind, the gap between the number of female and male Dominiques is narrower in Flanders (we’re talking about 5,116 female Dominiques and 4,147 male Dominiques living in Flanders).


According to the Meertens Institute⁴, as of 2014, 5,068 females and 1,718 males named Dominique live in the Netherlands (count including those born abroad). For females, the name entered the top 100 in 1991 and peaked the next year in terms of the number of instances.


According to the Swiss Federal Statistics Office⁵, 5,881 females and 5,341 males who have the name Dominique, born between 1902 and 2014 and are still alive, live in Switzerland, a majority of them living in either French or German-speaking areas of the country.


N° of males N° of females

Decade of peak


3,246 3,153

60s (m)/50s (f)


2,051 2,647

80s (m)/90s (f)

The gender status in French-speaking areas is largely similar to the one in France, if narrower in terms of the gap, but for the German-speaking areas, while it is slightly leaning towards feminine overall, in the 1970s and 80s, the gender statues leaned towards masculine.

That’s this whole lot done. What do you think of this name or this post in general. Leave your thoughts in the comments section below the sources.

Meaning of Dominique – http://www.behindthename.com/name/dominique¹
Doctissimo (lists data from INSEE) – http://prenoms.doctissimo.fr/liste-prenoms.html²
Meertens Institute – http://www.meertens.knaw.nl/nvb/⁴
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Swiss Federal Statistics Office (in French) – http://www.bfs.admin.ch/bfs/portal/fr/index/themen/01/02/blank/dos/prenoms/02.htm³⁵


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