Names that only made the top 100 in one region of England & Wales

This post was inspired by 2 posts by The Well-Informed Namer, which looks at names that made the top 100 in only one state of the United States (girls and boys).

The names were extracted from the 2013 ONS data, which is the latest year where full regional name data is available.

Region Girls Boys
North East Faye, Abbie, Lillie, Anya, Eden, Harper, Hope, Miley Ben, Sam, Cole, Jay, Joe, Zak
North West none Anthony
Yorkshire and the Humber Betsy none
East Midlands none
West Midlands none Kyle, Roman
East none Bradley, Ralph
London Aaliyah, Mariam, Naomi, Nicole, Anaya, Rebecca, Ariana, Esther, Lena, Clara, Amira, Zahra, Laura, Michelle Mohamed, Ali, Nathaniel, Nicholas, Kevin, Syed, Ahmed, Omar, Abdullah, Rayyan, Emmanuel, Jason, Patrick, Raphael, Leonardo, Maximilian, Musa, Hamza, Rayan, Jonathan
South East none Dominic, Finn
South West Araballa, Felicity, Tabitha Tobias
Wales Ffion, Mali, Alys, Lowri, Cadi, Lili, Carys, Nia, Elin, Efa, Cerys, Tia, Macie Harri, Osian, Morgan, Jac, Tomos, Gethin, Cai, Ioan, Elis, Ashton, Jaxon, Cian, Zac, Ieuan, Eli, Owain, Iestyn

The region that has the most names which made it into that region’s top 100 only is London, the majority of them Arabic/Muslim. Wales comes second with many of them, obviously, Welsh. Other than London or Wales, the North East has some names that made it into their top 100 only, including some very short ones for boys.

Otherwise, there isn’t much to look at in more detail, so, in effect, it’s not as exciting of a post as WIL’s posts on the same topic for the US.

What do you think of this? Leave your thoughts in the comments section below the source.

Source: Office for National Statistics
2013 regional data – (search for Baby names by region of usual residence of mother, 2013)
2013 national data (includes top 10 by region) (girls, for boys, replace babynamesenglandandwalesbabynamesstatisticsgirls with babynamesenglandandwalesbabynamesstatisticsboys)


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