Popularity of names in Denmark, 2015 (de-merged)

Denmark 2015

Last year, I attempted to de-merge the names in the top 50. However, a few days ago, I happen to stumble upon an article on Vores Børn containing the de-marged top 100 from 2014 and a website called .. which displays the popularity of individual names from 1985 to 2015. However, a couple of names that are on the 2014 top 100 in Vores Børn are not included on that website, so I added them into the list because…let’s face it, I wouldn’t want to leave any name untouched. Anyway, the headline for this post is…

William stays in the throne while Emma is being thrown out by Ella.

William has been the top boy name for 6 years in a row while Ella is a newcomer to the throne.

Here are the top 10 de-merged names for both genders:


Rank Name Number Rank change
1 William 577 0
2 Noah 525 0
3 Emil 489 0
3 Oliver 489 2
5 Alfred 425 4
6 Frederik 397 -2
7 Elias 395 0
8 Magnus 355 -2
9 Malthe 339 1
10 Valdemar 320 4


1 Ella 449 4
2 Alma 445 4
3 Anna 419 1
4 Emma 415 -3
5 Laura 412 -2
6 Ida 390 -4
7 Isabella 369 -1
8 Freja 366 0
9 Agnes 317 3
10 Sofia 316 6

In the top 10, Valdemar, Agnes and Sofia replace Anton, Alexander, Olivia and Clara.

In the top 100, new entrants include Frej, Holger, Muhammad, Peter and Anker & Ellie, Vilma, Lily, Iben, Mynte, Mila, Lilly, replacing Lasse, Nikolaj, Thomas, Malik and Nicklas & Nicoline, Emmelie, Matilde, Mie, Julia, Melina, Jasmin, Nikoline, Thilde.
The biggest risers (excluding new entrants) in the top 100 are Sylvester and Viola (rank) & Nohr and Alma (number) while the biggest fallers are Jeppe and Dagmar (rank) & Mathias and Emma (number).

What do you think of the top 10? The top 100? Share your thoughts in the comments section below the sources.

Danmarks Statistik’s Name Barometer (Danish) – http://www.dst.dk/da/Statistik/emner/navne/Baro
Vores Børn’s article on the 2014 top 100 – http://voresborn.dk/babynavne/top-100-de-mest-populaere-navne
Min-Mave’s name section – http://www.min-mave.dk/navne/


2 thoughts on “Popularity of names in Denmark, 2015 (de-merged)

  1. OK, I’m loving the top 10 for both genders (though especially the boys), but I have to wonder…doesn’t the Danish language have its own version of William? I’m curious as to why the English spelling is so popular.


    1. Well, they do have their own version of William, which is Vilhelm (actually this name is shared across Scandinavia), but looking at the barometer, it’s not nearly as common as William though it is rising.

      To be honest, even though I may find out possible influences for other names on my blog and elsewhere, for William to be the number 1 name in Denmark, I don’t know what caused it to rise to that position. With that said, it’s imporant to know that William is the currently the number 1 boy name throughout Scandinavia (exc. Finland).

      Liked by 1 person

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