Names of Olympic firsts and world record breakers on Days 0-2

Olympic Names Days 0-2

NOTE: I originally said that the names that follow below are for Days 1 and 2. This is an error in my part and has now been changed in this blog post to Days 0-2, seeing as if the South Korean archer set the new world record on opening day (Day 0).

With the Olympics underway and some name bloggers are taking notice of some of the names of Olympic athletes that they see, I might as well pop into the Olympic name train and introduce names of athletes who have broken world records and won their respective country’s first medal, be it bronze, silver or gold in this year’s Olympics.

Let’s start off with the names from days 0-2 of…

Olympic firsts

Given names highlighted in bold.

Hoàng Xuân Vinh (Vietnam) – competed in men’s 10 m air pistol, first Vietnamese athlete to win the gold medal at the Olympics.
Majlinda Kelmendi (Kosovo) – competed in women’s 52kg judo, first Kosovan athlete to win a medal at the Olympics.

World record breakers

Kim Woo-Jin* (South Korea) – competed in men’s individual archery, set a world record of 700 out of the possible 720 in the 72-arrow ranking (qualifying) round under WAF rules at a distance of 70m.
Long Qingquan** (China)- competed in men’s 56kg weightlifting, set a world record total lift of 307kg.
Adam Peaty (Great Britain) – competed in men’s 100m breastsroke (swimming), set a world record of 57.13.
Hosszú Katinka (Hungary) – competed in women’s 400m individual medley (swimming), set a world record of 4:32.39.
Katie Ledecky – competed in women’s 400m freestyle (swimming), set a new world record of 3:56.46.
Sarah Sjöström – competed in women’s 100m butterfly (swimming), set a world record of 55.48.
Emma McKeon, Brittany Elmslie, Bronte Campbell & Cate Campbell – competed in women’s 4x100m freestyle relay (swimming), set a new world record of 3:30.65.

* – in Revised Romanisation, his name would have been written as U-Jin.
** – the characters for his given name are 清泉¹, 清 meaning “clear, pure, clean” and 泉 meaning “spring, fountain.”²

On Behind the Name’s poll section right now is, in obvious terms, 2 polls that I put up with the names of these athletes by gender (male and female). So go ahead and choose your favourites and, of course, stay tuned as more records are set, more firsts are reported and more names of the record breakers and firsts are becoming more known.


Chronological summary of the 2016 Summer Olympics (Wikipedia)

Article on Long Qingquan¹ (Wikipedia)

Erik Peterson’s Chinese Character Dictionary²


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