Names of Olympic firsts and world record breakers on Days 4-6

Olympic Names Days 4-6

NOTE: I seem to have missed out Simone Manuel in the OLYMPIC FIRSTS section (she is the first African-American to win a gold medal in swimming). Unfortunately, I can’t add her in the first poll since BtN doesn’t allow me to edit once the first vote is made. She will be added in one of the next polls.

More firsts and world record breakers pop up on Days 4-6 (though not on Day 3 as far as I’m aware). Let’s begin this post, as always, with the names of…


As always, given names are shown in bold.

Takuya Haneda* (Japan) – competed in men’s slalom C-1 canoeing, first Asian and Japanese canoeist to win an Olympic medal
Fiji’s men’s rugby sevens (tournament) team – first Fijian athletes (or team for that matter) to win an Olympic medal
Masivesi Dakuwaqa

Apisai Domolailai

Osea Kolinisau

Semi Kunatani

Viliame Mata

Leone Nakarawa

Vatemo Ravouvou

Savenaca Rawaca

Kitione Taliga

Josua Tuisova

Seremaia “Jerry” Tuwai

Jasa Veremalua

Samisoni Viriviri


Deng Wei** (China) – competed in women’s 63kg weightlifting, set 2 new world records in Clean & Jerk (now at 147kg) and total lift (262kg)
Nijat Rahimov*** (Kazakhstan, formerly Azerbaijan)- competed in men’s 77kg weightlifting, set a new world record of 214kg in Clean & Jerk
Xiaojun**** (China) – competed in same event as Nijat, set a new world record of 177kg in Snatch
Katie Archibald, Elinor Barker, Ciara Horne, Joanna Rowsell & Laura Trott (Great Britain) – competed in women’s team pursuit in cycling, set a new world record of 4:13.260 in the qualifying round

* – the kanji in his name would be written as 卓也, 卓 meaning “eminent, high” and 也 meaning “to be.”¹
** – the character in her name would be written as 薇 which refers to a species of fern called osmunda regalis.²
*** – as he was originally from Azerbaijan, his name would have been written in the Azerbaijani language as Nicat Rəhimov.³
**** – the characters in his name would be written as 小军 (小軍), 小 meaning “small, tiny” and 军/軍 meaning “army, military.”⁴

Looking at the results from the previous two polls in my last post, at the time of writing:

  • Adam easily beat out all the other names (Xuân Vinh, Woo-Jin and Qingquan), who were put in joint 2nd place. The percentage for Adam is 67% against 25% for the others.
  • Emma narrowly beat out Katinka with a close 48% lead for the former and a 43% runner-up position for the latter. Cate is in 3rd place with 29%.

On Behind the Name right now are two polls that I’ve created for you to vote on which names mentioned here you like. However, instead of being split by gender, the second poll consists of names from Fiji’s men’s rugby sevens tournament team and the first poll consists of the rest of the athletes shown in this post (gender in first poll determined by initials – f being female and m being male).


Chronological summary of the 2016 Summer Olympics (Wikipedia)

Wikipedia arcticle on Takuya Haneda¹

Wikipedia article on Deng Wei²

Wikipedia article on Nijat Rahimov³

Wikipedia article on Lü Xiaojun⁴


Erik Peterson’s Chinese Character Dictionary²⁴


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