Popularity of names in Japan, 2016* (from surveys)


* – well, most of 2016

The surveys for Japan’s most popular names of 2016* are out, each and every one (Tamahiyo, Meiji Yasuda and Cookpad Baby) with differing results.

With the results being different for each survey, it would be nice to do a survey of surveys. Let’s start off with the 5 most popular names by sound.


Rank Name
1 Haruto はると
2 Sōta そうた
3 Yūto ゆうと
4 Haruki はるき
5 Sōsuke そうすけ


1 Yui ゆい
2 Hana はな
3 Sakura さくら
4 Akari あかり
5 Rio りお

Interestingly enough, all of the 3 surveys have the same matching top 3 names for boys. What about the 5 most popular names by writing? Well, it does get tricky from here.


Rank Name
1 Ren
2 大翔 Hiroto, Yamato, Haruto
3 悠真 Yūma, Haruma
4 Minato, Sō
5 Itsuki, Tatsuki


1 Aoi
2 陽菜 Hina, Haruna, Hana
3 咲良 Sakura, Sara
4 結菜 Yuina, Yuna, Yūna
5 Rin

Yellow indicates that, owing to the fact that Cookpad Baby only releases the top 10, these rankings may change.

Now, we move on to the top 100 entrants (& re-entrants) and leavers in both the Tamahiyo and Meiji Yasuda surveys (by writing):

  • (Re-)entrants: 大河 (Taiga), 匠 (Takumi), 健 (Takeru) and 瑛士 (Eito) & 詩 (Uta), 真央 (Mao), すず (Suzu) and 菫 (Sumire)
  • Leavers: 陽真 (Haruma), 隼人 (Hayato) and 大知 (Daichi) & 紗奈 (Sana), 穂香 (Honoka), 心美 (Kokomi), 莉愛 (Ria), 結奈 (Yuna), 咲空 (Sara), 千紗 (Chisa) and 日葵 (Himari)

If you have any thoughts on this, please leave them at the comments section below the sources and links which you might want to look at.

Sources (all in Japanese, obviously):
Tamahiyo – http://tamahiyo.jp/namae/
Meiji Yasuda Life – http://www.meijiyasuda.co.jp/enjoy/ranking/
Cookpad Baby – https://cookpad-baby.jp/contents/name/2016.html

If you are ever stuck on the kanji or the kana in these sources: Jisho (for kanji and others) and Angelwatt (for kana) are great resources for you to use.


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