Popularity of names in Paris, 2016


Louise and Gabriel are the top choices for Parisians last year according to Open Data Paris. They have been the top names since 2007 (which includes 2015 where Gabriel was tied with Adam).

Here’s how the top 10 is shaping up:


Rank Name Number Rank change
1 Louise 291 0
2 Emma 209 +2
3 Alice 208 -1
4 Chloé 179 -1
5 Jeanne 177 +2
6 Inès 166 -1
7 Sarah 163 -1
8 Léa 157 +4
9 Charlotte 145 +7
10 Anna 141 -2


1 Gabriel 370 0
2 Adam 353 -1
3 Raphaël 340 0
4 Louis 275 +1
5 Arthur 247 +1
6 Paul 203 -2
7 Alexandre 197 0
7= Victor 197= +1
9 Mohamed 184 +1
10 Joseph 175 +2

In the top 10, Léa, Charlotte and Joseph replace Adèle, Camille and Jules.

The top 5 jumpers and droppers in the top 100 (excluding the new entrants) are as follows:

Names that are in italics are the ones that jumped or dropped by number and ranking
Jumpers (by number) Droppers (by number)
Maya Noah Adèle Paul
Emma Isaac Alice Jules
Apolline Aaron Joséphine Antoine
Ella Hugo Chloé Yanis
Iris Sacha Sofia Rayan
Jumpers (by ranking) Droppers (by ranking)
Maya Daniel Alicia Léonard
Ella Eliott Elena Yanis
Apolline Abel Sophie Youssef
Iris Baptiste Lana Edgar
Diane Aaron Clémence Théo
Salomé Marie Théodore
Pauline Pierre

In the top 100, the new entrants are:

Girls: Fatima, Esther, Faustine, Liv, Aminata, Élise, Zélie, Blanche, Daphné and Stella
Boys: Malo, Octave, Issa, Arsène, Marin, Quentin, Wassim and Georges

They replace:

Girls: Garance, Aïcha, Maryam, Myriam, Lily, Eléonore, Bérénice, Luna, Sasha and Éléonore
Boys: Kaïs, Ruben, Henri, Vadim, Hadrien, Moussa, Antonin, Joshua, Marcel, Mehdi and Zakaria

The data in the source can be a bit messy so I have put up PDFs of the top 100 names for girls and boys for you to look at.

What do you think? Leave your thoughts in the comments section below the source.

Open Data Paris – https://opendata.paris.fr/explore/dataset/liste_des_prenoms_2004_a_2012/table/?disjunctive.prenoms&disjunctive.annee

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