Name Spotlight: Hye-rim


A Korean feminine name with some positive meanings and, in turn, positive qualities.


Seeing as if this is a Sino-Korean name, the meanings can change depending on the hanja used. In the table below are a couple of those hanja that are most commonly used:

hye (혜) rim/lim (림)
“favour, kindness”¹ “forest, woods”¹
“wise, sagacious”¹ “(blue) jade”¹
species of fragrant orchid² “approach”²

This name is pronounced hye-ṙeem (ye in hye like yeah but with ‘e’ being a close-mid vowel &  being an alveolar flap/tap – like buddy in American English).


One important portion of the Korean wave (Hallyu) that is spreading throughout the world is girl groups and, generally, the members have good-looking appearances – take Lime (Kim Hye-rim) from HELLOVENUS and Woo Hye-lim from recently disbanded Wonder Girls. However, there’s more into the good-looking factor here that stretches beyond girl groups. Take hurdler Jung Hye-lim – a JoongAng Ilbo article that I found through Wikipedia nicknamed her 얼짱 허들 공주 (eoljjang heodeul gongju) – 얼짱 “good-looking, pretty,” 허들 “hurdle” and  공주 “princess.”¹* Then, you have model Hye-rim Park, who debuted in the autumn of 2005, had been a rising force at the time as being one of the few models from East Asia on the international high fashion scene³.


From what I can find out through genealogy books⁴ and commonality statistics⁵, it seems as if Hye-rim wasn’t commonly used before the last quarter of the 20th century⁵. The popularity of this name began to pick up in the late 1970s and by the early 1990s, it became a fairly common name of this time (from my projections, Hye-rim would have been in the top 30)⁵. Just as it became a fairly common name, it started to drop in popularity in the late 90s and 2000s – from my projections, by 2009, Hye-rim would have been outside the top 150⁵.

What do you think of Hye-rim? What do you think of the post in general? Leave your thoughts in the comments section below the sources.

* – if anyone has a good knowledge of Korean, if would be great if you provide a correct translation for this phrase in the comments section for me to add to this post. Thanks.


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