Names most likely to rise in the US in 2017

us predictions 2017

I’d cheated my way into using BabyCenter data to choose 6 names from pop culture that would most likely rise in 2016, now I cheat my way into using BabyCenter data to choose half of that number of names, names that rose significantly last year, but would continue rising this year.

With regards to how I came to put these names on the shortlist, the rules that I set up for last year is retained to an extent for this year, but there are some changes to those rules:

  • The names, this time around, come from a broader category, encompassing almost all types of names out there, including names from pop culture, that are outside the top 1000. The (larger) original list consists of names that rose 33.3% or more last year.
  • Instead of checking the data after a certain period of time for any differences, I decided to check the data on a(n almost) daily basis for the next 45 days starting from 1st September.
    • If their difference in number from the start to whenever the data is being checked is 6 or above for 40% or more of the 45 days, the names would be checked for 4 periods of time starting from mid-October and ending to early November. At this point, if, in the final period, their difference is below 6, they are not added to this post.

With that out of the way, here are the 3 names that would most likely rise this year, beginning with:


2016 rank (tied): 2,998th     Number of girls in 2016: 55

This is a name that belongs to the ‘Greek mythology’ category of names that has been garnered attention and love over the years, seeing as if this particular Elara was the mother of the giant Tityos by the king of the gods, Zeus.
Elara also reminds of a similar-looking name, Elora, which I’d first heard when I played Spyro 2: Gateway to Glimmer (as it’s known where I live, in North America, it’s Ripto’s Rage!), and I do have a liking for Elora so, naturally, I like Elara too.


2016 rank (tied): 2,949th     Number of girls in 2016: 56

With Kehlani‘s rise to music fame, her name drew the attention of hundreds of American parents last year who end up giving that particular name (and its variants) to their daughters. As she released her debut studio album in the beginning of the year and relatively favourable reviews poured in, it’s no wonder that we’ll see more baby girls being named Kehlani (or any variant) this year.
Out of all the variants of this name that are outside the top 1000, Kelani seems to be the more likely variant to rise higher.


2016 rank (tied): 1,307th     Number of girls in 2016: 181

Here’s a name that I should have added to last year’s big list of pop culture names. Like Jupiter, this is a name that came from a movie that didn’t do so spectacularly well in the critics’ circle and the box office (oh, the irony!), that movie being Gods of Egypt, which had been mired in controversy over the fact that white actors were the majority in the cast. The name belongs to the lover of Bek (played by Brenton Thwaites), the character being played by Courtney Eaton.
Now, I’m pretty certain Zaya, as a name, is chosen just to sound exotic but, hey, at least it does sound exotic and international-ish in my ears.

What do you think? Any other suggestions you have on your mind? Post your thoughts in the comments section below.

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