Major shake-up


Now is the time for me to shake things up with how I post on the WordPress universe and to announce something major for this blog.

I am ending most of what I do on this blog. What does that mean?

It means that this blog isn’t going to die and rot in the corpse or something like that. All of the posts that I have published before this will be kept. However, I will not be publishing any more blog posts belonging to all of the categories that I set my posts in, though keep in mind that I will not stop posting on this blog forever.

From now on, this blog will deal with popularity statistics from countries and territories from around the world that I researched and compiled on my own. Regarding research taken from statistical agencies, it will involve around pieces of research that has not been published on their respective websites – those that are published on these sites I will cover in Twitter form.

I am now doing something new. What is it?

I am posting on a completely new and different blog called Beyond Sakura and Hiroshi. This new blog will deal with many Japanese names that most of you may not be familiar with, covering those that span from all the way back to the Heian Period to the present day. Two posts of this kind will be posted there every three days.

The format of these posts is similar to my ‘Name Spotlight’ posts though it differs to an extent: the posts are shorter than the ‘Name Spotlight’ posts and they will feature my own personal thoughts on each of the names that I post.

These changes reflect on what I feel I am best at when it comes to writing on WordPress – writing about name research and talking about Japanese names – and I am looking forward to sharing with you what comes next on this blog and Beyond Sakura and Hiroshi.


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